When you’re a geek, there comes a time when you love or have a favorite character is oddly obscure in some aspects of the franchise.  That obscurity becomes rare unicorn level when it comes to living in a rural area.  Geekdom in rural living is like the mythical land of 100 unicorns.  So, when you’re at a store and you find something, anything, related to that character, you might revert to a childlike glee.  Today, I found Hawkeye in the Funko Pop collection.  Only one.  Now, there are multiple levels that led to me clutching the box until I reached the car.

One:  Our store has only carried Funko Pop figures once before…  Two years ago.

Two:  There were only six figures sitting on the shelf.

Three:  It was the only Hawkeye for the Age of Ultron collection.  The others included three Iron Mans and two Captain Americas.

Four:  Hawkeye!

I didn’t realize until I got out to the car and was texting one of my best friends, the one I run a tea cartel with, that it was a bobblehead figure.  Rarity level?  She searched her local stores on lunch break to find one, nada.  She texted the picture I sent her to her mom because her mom happened to be a store that might carry them.  All the way in the Chicago area, her mom picked up the only/last Hawkeye on the shelf there.  When we hit the jackpot, we share the love.



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