Today’s journey with a time traveling author is a stop for food with a few of my favorite cookbooks.  I love baking, cooking, and experimenting in the kitchen.  One day, I will have enough people in my circle for frequent nights of dinner, tea, and random discussions.  Unfortunately, all three of my favorite cookbooks are out of print but there are sellers out there.

My first book is The Decadent Cookbook by Durian Gray and Medlar Lucan

From the publisher’s website:

“If meat is the hard-core of food-as-sex, The Decadent Cookbook is a walk on the wild side, a book for those who scorn not only the Prohibitions of Leviticus but also the dictates of common sense, good health and kindness to animals.” — John Ryle in The Guardian

This is cooking as a literary art. A treat for lovers of fine writing and the unusual.

Amazon’s description:  The spirits of Caligula and the Marquis de Sade haunt this viciously witty send-up of “la grande bouffe.” The morbid minded and the terminally degenerate will especially enjoy such scandalous chapters as “I Can Recommend the Poodle” and “Blood, the Vital Ingredient.” The decadent gourmand can’t help but go wrong with this celebrated collection of recipes, an ideal gift for the terminally degenerate.

via The Decadent Cookbook by Durian Gray, Medlar Lucan : Our Books :: Dedalus Books, Publishers of Literary Fiction.

The next two are both from Anne McCaffrey with other science fiction and fantasy authors adding in recipes they enjoy.  These cover the atmosphere of their worlds or what authors make when they can’t be bothered with tools for other trades, such as the kitchen.

outof serve

(And for the stars, I can’t figure out why WordPress wants to be stubborn and not put both covers on one line.)


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