All day today I’ve been trying to come up with an About Me for E.  Nada.  This error message is coming from the wibbly-wobbly time stream of a somewhat productive day.

The About Me Error- A weekend day in the life of an English Lit student

  • Worked through volume one of The Adventures of Joseph Andrews because that is what the syllabus says we’re covering next week.  Log into class to find the teacher posting about needing to read volume two even though the syllabus only says one.
  • Answered two of the assignments for the week over the reading (pre-vol2) and prepping for the 1200 word essay over the novel.
  • Fought three phases of sinus headaches, yay for spring!  The headache is reaching through space and time.
  • Answered work email.
  • Farmed in a video game for a friend, it’s a trade off since she does my raid runs for me.  We all have our patience points in different areas.
  • Tea and coffee galore!

Word of the Day is also in error, at least according to all spell checkers.  It was too awesome to pass up while reading for class. 



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