My Top Time Traveling Video Games:

  1. The Mass Effect Universe:  I play on the Playstation 3 and love the space feel with RPG playing.  Tali and Kasumi are great characters.  The Tali and Garrus romance is adorable.  And who doesn’t love an emergency induction port?  My go to team is Tali and Garrus.  My personality always leans toward Paragade.  In some cross-story ideas, I think the Portal games take place in the ME universe as an omnitool experiment.  Glados and Wheatley are also the product of Shepard’s sythesis.
  2. World of Warcraft:  I love any game that lets me play an elf.  This also goes to playing Lord of the Rings Online, but I like the WoW world for more diversity in exploration and quests.
  3. Destiny:  I like the game even though I think it could be a lot better.  My favorite class to play is the Warlock. I’m just not a big PVP gamer, it annoys me, and there isn’t a diverse line of quests.  All characters do the same quests, no matter what.
  4. Final Fantasy Tactics:  Playstation 1 or PSP, doesn’t matter.  I love playing for the Zodiac Stones and maxing out all the classes.  You also have chocobos and dragons fighting for you.
  5. Skyrim/Elderscrolls:  Just watch out for your knee.

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