26 Days

Over the next twenty-six days, I’ll be doing a take on the April A-Z blog tour idea.  My timing on these things is always off so I came to the idea after the event started.  I am good with deadlines though!  Trying to come up with a theme also glitched me last year with the tour idea.  This year, as a new author and blogger, it’ll be a “get to know you” list going into May.  Twenty-six days of biography.  Oh stars, help me.

Credit, or blame depending on how you look at it, comes from a good friend who goes by the moniker Nakas.  When asking for ideas on content people would like to see on an author blog, she answerd with three words.  Time traveling author.  This is a description holds multiple definitions when related to me, so I’ll tackle it from twenty-six alphabetical directions.

Anyone worried yet?


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