*tap tap*

No, this isn’t some flash back to the little tapping paperclip of old Word fame.  Although, there are some minor connections that I might arrive at later.  This is actually a test of the busy writer system.

First, testing out the WordPress app on the tablet.  I know!  It’s about time I started using it for projects outside of a cookbook and school.  One thing I have noticed, spellchecker isn’t active in the edit/posting phase.  I’ll have to go to Author Level 2 and Editor Level 1 to screen for any hiccups or rampant type demons before hitting post and making a fool of myself.

Second test, getting back into the habit of creating content.  My focus lately has been on the weekly essays, working on edits, and plotting ideas for my next stories.  (Yes, multiple.  Ideas are constantly flowing.)  The tap is more of a mental tap of “duh, you have a blog and it’s nearly dead.”

Third, and the connection to the little paperclip, my keyboard for typing instead of relying on the touch screen is a Microsoft product.  Thank you special box sales and geeky product endorsements to move me from consideration to purchase.  Now I have no excuse to write away from the computer because I can take two small things with me instead of a large laptop.

Latest happenings in my world?  Last month was the release of the second Gemina book!  The links are on the My Books tab but you can also search for my name or Tamara McHatton through Amazon and B&N to find it.  Next month, I’ll be hanging around the RT Booklovers Convention in Dallas.  If you’re in the Dallas area, you should check out the Book Fair on Saturday, May 16th, at the Dallas Hilton.  I’ll be there signing with Tamara.

On the school level, I’m very close to finishing my BA in English Literature!  How close?  Well…  One CLEP exam and one eight week class which I started today.  Figures they put the most intensive class at the end.  Nine novels in eight weeks for a course fittingly named The Novel.  The Shakespeare course may rank right up there with it, we’ll have to see. 

I’ve said it before, saying it now, and will probably be said in the future, but I’m making an attempt to be more active and write more bookish and geeky topics instead of keeping them to email discussions with friends.  What fun is it to have a deviously creative mind and not share outside of a small circle?



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