Book Review: Gravity by Brian Clegg

Brian Clegg – Gravity.

I picked up this book from my local library as research for the science fiction books I’m working on writing.  Learning about the workings of the universe and the details, even though the details won’t be put into the actual book, helps me ensure that the world I create works in a realistic fashion.

This book is written a regular non-fiction book and not like a textbook or college lecture.  Clegg gives real world, modern examples of the concepts he’s explaining and doesn’t bog down the text with math and formulas, but there are formulas.  The entire book is the history and understanding of gravity.

Being a fan of Douglas Adams Hitchhiker’s series, I love the mention of gravity on the ISS in Clegg’s book.  “It falls but keeps missing” because of the force of gravity.  If you’ve ever wondered why you get thrown forward when you hit the breaks, Clegg explains that it’s acceleration every though you’re braking.

If you want to expand your knowledge of physics and science, then this one is a good book to have.