Writer Life

From a meme:

I write like
Stephen King

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!

In other styles, I write in drabbles, science fiction, and in two modes.  My two modes are writing 2500 words in a couple hours, although it might take me all day to get motivated, or decide I should be writing, I want to write, but I don’t accomplish anything during the day.  My fix to that is to write something that day.  Sometimes that turns into just writing out notes and plotting out stories.  There are days that I work on editing for Desert Breeze or my friend’s fanfiction to fill in my writer fix.  The evenings I work with my friend on story ideas is the best way to kill time and get the muse kickstarted because it turns into teasing and frustrating each other with snippets of scenes that we’re going to work into the overall stories.  Research also helps with the writer kick because one little idea can spark you into writing a scene or idea that turns into multiple pages before you realize it.

As for where I write, it’s mostly in the living room with the laptop on my lap.  Depending on the coolness in the air, my feet might be propped up on the recliner or curled up underneath me in fuzzy socks.  There are times when noises in the house get too much and I write from the bedroom.  I also keep my tablet next to the bed and journal/pen handy in the living room, bedroom, and messenger bag for the random ideas when they hit.

When Tamara and I were writing Gemina, there was personal deadlines along with the ones set by our publisher.  It could get rather hectic but it helped ensure that writing got done each day after coursework (I was, and still am, working on my BA in English Literature).  Now, to work on imposing self deadlines to get more writing done on the book ideas I don’t have optioned yet.


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