Happy 30th birthday to me!  And my brother.  (Short story is he was born on my 1st birthday.  Joys of growing up and sharing birthday parties with a sibling who is not your twin.)

Most people question what they’re doing in their lives when the “big 3-0” happens.  For me, today doesn’t feel any different than birthdays before.  In our time of changing ideals, 30 isn’t that big of a deal.  True it’s another decade, no longer in your 20s, but it’s still just a number.  What I didn’t count on for my 30th birthday was realizing a dream I didn’t know I had.  In just a few short days, my very first book will be published.  It’s co-authored, but it’s still a book that I put a lot of effort, energy, and love into with Tamara.  I spent years role-playing and writing RPG fanfiction in tag team form.  I wrote drabbles, very mini short stories to get random thoughts out there, but Gemina is a full fledged, original work.  30 also has me partially through my bachelor’s degree in English Literature.  I’m also learning the ropes and trying my paws at editing, no one’s complained so far about my work there either.  For me, those are some awesome things going on.  I have literary things going on that I love.  Although I still want to be librarian, it’s turned into a bonus goal.  I have family that I take care of which confuses the heck out of most people in rural Texas because I don’t want a family of my own, I don’t want kids, and I’m not married or even dating anyone.  My life is contently mine.

When I was a child, my dream job was to be an astronomer.  I still follow that up in my free time and personal research into astronomy and physics.  If my schools were more into sciences than sports, then I might have followed that route a little more.  I’ve always loved literature so my current life isn’t too far off something I had my eye on.  In high school it turned into cultural anthropology and becoming like Daniel Jackson from Stargate or Flynn from the Librarian series, they would have to kick me out of school because they can’t teach me anymore and I’d go on brainy adventures.  My previous dream jobs have no doubt influenced my literary one and personal interests.  They’ll always be there, I’ll always follow them, and they’ll always find away into my writing projects.

In other happy birthday news, one of my best friends, my Evil Chipmunk, is going for her official doctor visit and sonogram for her second child.  I’m already the godmother to her son and I’ll be godmother to number two.  So she’s stealing my birthday wish for the appointment.  Gotta love Evil Chipmunks.

If you want to make my birthday rock, I’m tapping into some of my birthday wish power, then order Gemina when it comes out in a couple days.  Share the links to order it everywhere.  But most of all, make sure you have an amazing weekend yourself!  I’m spending it curled up with hot tea and spy shows.


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