Wishlist Wednesday

Aside from typical English Literature and author-ish items (books on editing, literature, and such), my wishlist is a mix of other authors and research.  When I’m bored, I love to research physics, religions, folklore, and other sciences on my own.  This post theme was inspired by my friend at Strahbary’s Fields, linked on my sidebar, who got it from Bookshelf Fantasies.  Here is a sneak peek into my Amazon wishlist!

From Amazon:

A General Relativity Workbook is a textbook intended to support a one-semester undergraduate course on general relativity. Through its unique workbook-based design, it enables students to develop a solid mastery of both the physics and the supporting tensor calculus by guiding them to work through the implications. The mathematics is introduced gradually and in a completely physical context. Each chapter, which is designed to correspond to one class session, involves a short overview of the concepts without obscuring derivations or details, followed by a series of boxes that guide students through the process of working things out. This active-learning approach enables students to develop a more secure mastery of the material than more traditional approaches. More than 350 homework problems support further learning.


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