Watch Caper Online – Free at Hulu

Watch Caper Online - Free at Hulu

Watch Caper Online – Free at Hulu.  And it’s also on YouTube under the Geek & Sundry channel.  I don’t always follow webseries but this one is a lot of fun to watch.  Originally, I watched for Beth Riesgraf because I loved her as Parker in Leverage and now she’s playing a super hero in a series about broke super heroes trying to get by.  You’ll also see guest appearances by Aldis Hodge and a couple Eureka cast members.

Blogs are all about sharing pieces of yourself or your interests with the world.  Even though my first book to be published will be ancient Roman based, my first loves are science fiction and fantasy.  (I have one story of each in my works in progress folder.)  This is also the notice that I’m a geek and there will be occasions that it stands out.  A lot.


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