When you’re a geek, there comes a time when you love or have a favorite character is oddly obscure in some aspects of the franchise.  That obscurity becomes rare unicorn level when it comes to living in a rural area.  Geekdom in rural living is like the mythical land of 100 unicorns.  So, when you’re at a store and you find something, anything, related to that character, you might revert to a childlike glee.  Today, I found Hawkeye in the Funko Pop collection.  Only one.  Now, there are multiple levels that led to me clutching the box until I reached the car.

One:  Our store has only carried Funko Pop figures once before…  Two years ago.

Two:  There were only six figures sitting on the shelf.

Three:  It was the only Hawkeye for the Age of Ultron collection.  The others included three Iron Mans and two Captain Americas.

Four:  Hawkeye!

I didn’t realize until I got out to the car and was texting one of my best friends, the one I run a tea cartel with, that it was a bobblehead figure.  Rarity level?  She searched her local stores on lunch break to find one, nada.  She texted the picture I sent her to her mom because her mom happened to be a store that might carry them.  All the way in the Chicago area, her mom picked up the only/last Hawkeye on the shelf there.  When we hit the jackpot, we share the love.



This is my current screenshot to highlight my week.  The documents are the current projects, the ones I’ve completed have already been placed in their proper folders.  For the longest time, my wallpaper was artwork from one of my favorite musicians.  I’ve decided to go back something night and dark, misty.  The projects folder is filled with craftiness I’ve found this month that I’ll tackle soon.  Bwahaha…  People on the receiving end of the craftiness should be prepared.

Screenshot 2015-04-15 20.10.57


  • A rural night sky
  • Dark, defined shape clouds
  • Cool, misty mornings
  • Days of thunderstorms
  • The flow of waves
  • Trills from a cat
  • Scents of clove and Scottish heather
  • Swimming where you can see your toes


Today’s journey with a time traveling author is a stop for food with a few of my favorite cookbooks.  I love baking, cooking, and experimenting in the kitchen.  One day, I will have enough people in my circle for frequent nights of dinner, tea, and random discussions.  Unfortunately, all three of my favorite cookbooks are out of print but there are sellers out there.

My first book is The Decadent Cookbook by Durian Gray and Medlar Lucan

From the publisher’s website:

“If meat is the hard-core of food-as-sex, The Decadent Cookbook is a walk on the wild side, a book for those who scorn not only the Prohibitions of Leviticus but also the dictates of common sense, good health and kindness to animals.” — John Ryle in The Guardian

This is cooking as a literary art. A treat for lovers of fine writing and the unusual.

Amazon’s description:  The spirits of Caligula and the Marquis de Sade haunt this viciously witty send-up of “la grande bouffe.” The morbid minded and the terminally degenerate will especially enjoy such scandalous chapters as “I Can Recommend the Poodle” and “Blood, the Vital Ingredient.” The decadent gourmand can’t help but go wrong with this celebrated collection of recipes, an ideal gift for the terminally degenerate.

via The Decadent Cookbook by Durian Gray, Medlar Lucan : Our Books :: Dedalus Books, Publishers of Literary Fiction.

The next two are both from Anne McCaffrey with other science fiction and fantasy authors adding in recipes they enjoy.  These cover the atmosphere of their worlds or what authors make when they can’t be bothered with tools for other trades, such as the kitchen.

outof serve

(And for the stars, I can’t figure out why WordPress wants to be stubborn and not put both covers on one line.)


All day today I’ve been trying to come up with an About Me for E.  Nada.  This error message is coming from the wibbly-wobbly time stream of a somewhat productive day.

The About Me Error- A weekend day in the life of an English Lit student

  • Worked through volume one of The Adventures of Joseph Andrews because that is what the syllabus says we’re covering next week.  Log into class to find the teacher posting about needing to read volume two even though the syllabus only says one.
  • Answered two of the assignments for the week over the reading (pre-vol2) and prepping for the 1200 word essay over the novel.
  • Fought three phases of sinus headaches, yay for spring!  The headache is reaching through space and time.
  • Answered work email.
  • Farmed in a video game for a friend, it’s a trade off since she does my raid runs for me.  We all have our patience points in different areas.
  • Tea and coffee galore!

Word of the Day is also in error, at least according to all spell checkers.  It was too awesome to pass up while reading for class. 



Popular creatures, moreso these days with Game of Thrones, but I’ve been a fan of the scaley beasts since I was little.  My first use of the library card catalog was to find any book I could related to dragons.  I have very picky standards though with mine.  They have to be four-legged and wings separate from their front legs.  Dragons were the creatures that got me into long hand RPG.  Being a creature of fantasy, they started me on the road to scifi thanks to Anne McCaffrey because her dragons were a part of a tech and medieval world thousands of years into our future.  Reading the entire series gives you a culture with starships and amazing technology that allowed for the creation of huge beasts from tiny dragonets only to be lost and revert to no-tech. 

Cats Pulling on Strings

The origin story of my favorite word!  I know many people, mostly friends, who wonder where in the world I got “rhiow!” from.  When they ask just exactly what the word is, I say it’s a cross between a meow and purr.  It’s the origin of my Purrable Lists, the things that make me purr.

Are you ready for this?

It’s a cat’s name from a book series.

Diane Duane writes a series called The Cats of Grand Central and Rhiow is one of them.  These are magical, wizard cats who travel through time.  They walk on invisible stairs and sidle through space.  To work magic, they use their claws to carefully pull at the invisible strings throughout the world.  Humans act like their companions and familiars instead of the traditional sense of witchy animals.